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That wasn't on me list...

I've got a list of things I want to do before I die, I do. There are a lot of things on it, aye, from taking a cruise to riding an elephant.

Experiencing an earthquake wasn't one of them, no.

It wasn't too bad, it wasn't, but a few of me pictures fell from one of me shelves, so I need new glass and have to be walking around carefully until I'm sure it's all cleaned up. A vase from home from me ma broke too, which is disappointing, but the truth of it is that I've not had need for the thing, no.

I'm hoping everyone else fared well, I am!

Funny thing, life

If I do wind up being a weatherman for the rest of me life, I'm thinking that I don't want to be stuck on the early show every morning again, no. That messes up sleep, and any time to hang out, and life isn't fun if all ye are doing is work. The money is good, it is, but money isn't as much fun as friends, I don't think.

But I'm back on the half-schedule, I am, and looking forward to free time and not eating just ramen packets, aye! I can afford things, which is better than a good many students can say, I think.

I'm thinking I want a pet, I am. What I want most is a dragon, but they don't do well in an apartment, no. They need caves and meadows and cows, that they do. I'd like a monkey, but Suzuki might kill me if I brought home a monkey, he might. Speaking of me roommate, I've not seen him in a bit, no. Busy schedules and all will do that, they will.

I need... to do something, aye. I'm not sure what yet, no. Yachiru? Miroku? Anko? Stuffy Hitsugaya? Rangiku? Suzuki? One of ye must be wanting to do something! Or someone new, I like friends, that I do! But if no one is interested, I could just wander down to 7th Heaven, that I could. And maybe I shall!

Globe trotting is what I do, aye

I'm not sure I hate formal events anymore, I'm not. The food was good, that it was, and me ma was too distracted the whole time to get after me, she was! But I'm glad to be back, that I am. Getting up early in the mornings might not be me thing, no, but anything to do with the weather lights me day, aye.

Besides, I have friends here, that I do. I think I'll be flying a kite tomorrow in the park, aye. So if anyone wants to catch me, they know where to find me, that they do!


The luck of the Irish rocks, that it does! I have the role of Puck, that I do, and I've got dates from the auction with no less than three lovely lasses, I do! Well, I'm assuming ye are lovely, Rinoa, though we've not met, no we haven't. I hope ye don't mind the assumption, I do.

Yachiru, Rinoa, what would ye like to be doing? Your wishes are my command, that they are. Especially since ye won me, Rinoa.

Private to YachiruCollapse )

Sometimes it's fun to be me!

Too optimistic, I am.

I think I'll be getting drunk tomorrow night, I do. I've... not been bright, no I haven't. And this is the best way to stop it from hurting that I know, it is. Ye don't know how much ye are caring until ye find out it doesn't matter, no.

While I like to learn from me mistakes, I can't change this one, no. I can't stop being hopeful and optimistic, that I can't. And maybe it's that I won't, either, maybe.

I'll get over it, I will. I'm young, and I have options, of course I do.

But until I'm over it, I'm thinking there's nothing wrong with the way the men in me family have dealt with being hurt for generations, nothing at all. Pub-jumping, here I come, aye. And whoever wants to join me is welcome, that they are. I might wind up needing some help finding me way back to the apartment, I might.


Maybe I'm too much of an optimist, aye, but that's something I don't want to change about meself, no. So it's not changing, no matter how things may go down in a manner that doesn't feel too good, it's not.

Me birthday was yesterday, that it was. No one remembered it, but that's fine, that it is. Meant I spent a good day thinking in the park, aye. I don't do enough thinking, I don't. And the fact that I like feeling things doesn't help with that sometimes, no it doesn't. Of course, the heart can't be ruled by the head, that it can't.

All that being said, I'm legal to drink in this country now too, I am, so I'm legal to drink everywhere in the world, I think! This is a very nice thing, that it is.

Best night of bowling I've had, aye.

There's one number that makes me day when I see it as an incoming call to me phone, there is. And, ye know, ye don't need an excuse to call me, that ye don't. Time is well spent when I'm with a friend, and even better-spent when I'm with that lovely and interesting lass, aye.

And the bowling was fun too, that it was. Can't be forgetting that, no.

Met a fair few people this week, I have. The city has more to offer than dancing breezes and a woman with spunk and smile, aye.

I have Memorial Day off, that I do. I don't know why, I don't, since there's always weather and news, aye, but I'm not complaining. I'm thinking it would be good for a picnic, that I am, and watching the weather. Anyone is invited, that they are, but I'm most hoping for a certain lass who should know who she is.

Not sure how to be reacting, I'm not

This city's a mess and no mistake. All of this isn't good, no it isn't. I'd love to do something, that I would, but me da always said the only thing more crooked than an Irish politician is an American one, aye. I'll likely be showing up at the clean-up thing, though, if I see more details about it, I will. I'm able-bodied, with more than me fair share of energy, that I am.

That being said, we need to keep our spirits up, aye! Last week and the week before there were boatloads of parties, there were, and this week there are none! This is not right, no. Aye, we will need to be taking more precautions so that everyone is getting there and home safe, but we're still young, we are. Anyone have a party idea? Other than Shishi. Shishi plans boring parties, that he does.

Since I asked the questions..

I may be needing a disclaimer, that I might, after the last post. I don't think I'm insane, I don't. Of course, insane people don't think they're insane either, so that means nothing, but I can hope, I can. And the park is safe, especially if ye are spending time with me in it, aye. Like a picnic, since picnics are nice, that they are.

The rally was fun, it was. Me and Suzuki had special shirts on, we did. I made them meself! They had a phone number, aye. An odd coincidence, Shishi's phone has been ringing off the hook all night, that it has. Don't know why, of course not.

And now for some question fun, aye!

Ask me seven questions, but not just any. Ta keep it interestin', use tha seven below, fillin' tha blanks however ya wanna, wi' anythin' ya want. Like number 4 - donkeys 'r sandcastles an' why? Ask, an' I'll take a shot a' answerin'. Then ya put tha questions in yer thing, so others can ask.

1. What do ye think of _____________ ?

2. When did ye last ____________?

3. __________ or ___________ and why?

4. What did ye ______________?

5. What's your favorite ______________?

6. How would ye ______________?

7. Who would ye most like to ________ ?

A funny thing happened...

The park is dangerous, that it is.

It’s safer now, but yesterday there was a mess, aye, with a gang of imps attacking a dryad, that they were! I can’t fight imps alone, no. They smell bad, that they do, and are always playing tricks on ye. Ye never know if they’ll attack from the front or do something sneaky, that ye don’t. Ye need at least a party of two to be holding them off, aye, and the best sort of a team is one that seems odd – a clown and a unicorn.

But I was me by me lonesome self, I was.

I grabbed the nearest thing that could be called a weapon, a branch that had fallen in the struggle, aye. It seemed fitting, it did, that one of her limbs would be used to defend her. As I was preparing to be going into battle, though, movement caught my eye. It was a group of pixies, it was! Now pixies are tricky little lasses; they’ll stick to a bargain but he need to be making it smartly else it will backfire, aye. I didn’t have time to bargain smartly, not when the dryad was in danger, I didn’t.

So I made a hasty deal, I did. They liked the color of my hair and wanted some, and in exchange they would help me fight off the nasty imps, aye.

We made quick work of the disgusting creatures, that we did. But my bargain wasn’t well thought out, no. I had been desperate, and needed help quickly, that I had. So instead of pulling a hair here and there, they pulled out clumps, they did. So now I have bald spots, that I do.

And to add insult to injury, one of me roommates decided to add decoration to me face, he did. He’s dead. But he doesn’t know it yet, that he doesn’t.

[[ooc: Shishi (aka the imp) knocked Jin (aka the unicorn) out yesterday and carved bald spots out of his hair, drew patterns on his cheeks, and wrote "I'm an idiot" and Jin's phone number on the Irishman's forehead. This is Jin's explanation of it. He will likely be wearing a hat when your character(s) see him next... and here, have an old Irish Tall-Tale song, hee...]]